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I will be Heartbroken that my Friend With Benefits is Getting Married and desires to stay buddies

I will be Heartbroken that my Friend With Benefits is Getting Married and desires to stay buddies

I’ve been deeply in love with my buddy for over 5 years. We’ve been friends with “benefits” for over a couple of years. Over time, he always assumed we had been simply buddies and also as for me personally, we consented with every thing he stated because we liked him. I was told by him fourteen days ago, he had been engaged and getting married to a woman he had been into for several years. She finally accepted their proposition. I became devastated whenever I was told by him the news headlines. I made the decision however would cut him down because I could maybe not manage it emotionally. I recently wished to crawl up in a opening and cry. Therefore he is cut by me down. It absolutely was just per week since he didn’t hear from me personally. He got upset and arrived to see me personally. He stated he had been “hurt” we stopped conversing with him. He nevertheless wishes us become buddies and couldn’t understand just why I didn’t like to keep on once we had been. He didn’t think it had been a problem we could still maintain being friends that he was getting married but. He couldn’t forget me personally and then he shall never ever erase me personally from their life. How to imagine become their buddy?

I’ve been resting with him for awhile. I possibly couldn’t imagine being introduced as their “friend” to their spouse. He stated every thing will even be normal and I’ll get hitched and it surely will sooner or later all exercise. Just What do I need to do? Maintain being here as their “friend”? How come he nevertheless even want me around though he’s marrying the ladies of their fantasies?

Is he simply using me?

I will be therefore confused. Does he genuinely take care of as a buddy? He states so but somehow that description does sit well with n’t me personally. If he loves their future spouse because profoundly as he states he does, exactly what does he need me personally for?